- Serverless full-text search

Serverless full-text search

for Google Cloud Platform*

* Firesearch came out of the project, and is not affiliated with Google or Firebase

Powerful search with filters

Fast and accurate search results at global scale.

Queries scale with the number of results not the size of the entire data set. Performance will be consistent whether fetching from a set of 100, or 100,000,000 documents.

Intelligent ranking PRO

Machine Learning brings the most relevant results right to the top.

A semantic understanding of your documents and searches makes results more meaningful and more accurate.

Secure multi-tenancy

A simple security model gives you the confidence to serve multiple customers.

Each index is backed by a different data location within Google Cloud Firestore. This allows you to programatically silo customer data for simplicity, data protection compliance, and added protection.

An SDK for your platform

You can use Firesearch whether you are on the web, iOS, Android, or on the back-end.

Learn about Client libs and SDKs in the docs.

Easy to deploy

Runs in your own Google Cloud project—instances scale to zero. No data ever leaves your environment.

See our up-to-date Deployment guide for easy-to-follow instructions on deploying Firesearch.

Solve real use cases

Dedicated APIs help you solve a range of use cases.

  • Full-text document search
  • Autocomplete
  • Ecommerce products with filters
  • Documentation search

Unlimited indexes PRO

Unlock the full power of Firesearch and serve multiple customers at gigantic scale.